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I get up everyday at 5am, I'm not sure why or when I started this super early ritual but here I am! Coffee in hand and ready to seize the day...ok ,not so much.

This is a insane week for me at work. I work in long term care. My nursing home is very unique. We take alot of residents that would be denied anywhere else. They are the best folks and I enjoy my job everyday.

I work soooo much but I also have beautiful grown children, grandchildren and doggone, cats, ducks, chickens and a cockatoo. My life is full. Sometimes I get overwhelmed but I take a deep breath and reset.

So I guess this blog today is about resetting yourself, sometimes daily, sometimes not as often but I want to recognize all the people who make the beautiful quilt of my life and all the people who are figuring it out, struggling, succeeding or failing. Stay strong Love to everyone and peace. Peace when you find it , is AMAZING

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